Frames For Glasses

Anne et Valentin

The contemporary designs showcase a unique selection of colourful and lively frames. Each frame has its own story about the design. Just like the love bird designers themselves, Anne & Valentin.

Caroline Abram

Audacious, fun and bold. The colourful fashion eyewear brings you into a world of Parisian boutique styles. Inspired by the retro cat eye shapes, this definitely gives women a chance to unveil their personnalité.


Dilem’s revolutionary concept of interchangeable arms allows several looks for just one frame. Change your appearance from smart contemporary, to fun and vibrant. These styles can be achieved by just by clipping on different temples made from ultra-resistant polymer. When purchasing a frame you are entitled to a free pair of temples. Check in store to see the colours that are available.

ic! berlin

Manufactured in Berlin, the iconic screwless design uses an interlocking hinge system, preventing the screws from falling out or breaking. The frames are made from surgical steel which allows it not only to be extremely flexible, but also lightweight and strong.

Jono Hennessy

Founded in Sydney, this cute Australian boutique brand creates beautifully handcrafted eyewear by skilled artisans. Using the best Italian and Japanese acetate, the frames are made with quality and style.


Lindberg only uses a special type of titanium ensuring not only the strength and flexibility, making it also extremely lightweight too. Designed and made in Denmark, this highly innovative product comes in a diverse rage of colours and sizes. Designs can be combined with a remarkably thin composite front, perfect for the minimalist guise. Lindberg has also won many prestigious design awards worldwide.


This premium designer eye wear, uses titanium and β-titanium, precious materials used for its superb strength and quality. Designed in Copenhagen and hand made in Japan, their styles are smart and minimalistic.


Innovative Danish designers use “facial compliance”, focusing on facial contours and features to create smart and trendy eyewear. Our range specialises in smaller sized frames, perfect for people who are looking for a more comfortable fit or a narrow face shape.


Prada frames are sophisticated and chic Italian luxury brand. Ranging from classic smart looks to sport luxe eyewear accessories.

Ray Ban

This globally recognised brand is one of the best selling eyewear names in the world. Worn by countless celebrities and fashion icons, Ray-Ban styles are both classic and modern. Choose from a wise range of optical or sunglasses designs.


Sea Air Land Timeless. “Inspired by the effortless beauty of nature”. Hand crafted by Japanese artisans, detail, texture and colour is infused into each frame. Salt. frames focuses on the beauty of nature and is definitely shown through this work of art.

Tag Heuer

Swiss luxury brand integrates superior materials and ergonomic engineering to create modern and contemporary eyewear styles. The Avant-Garde eyewear is developed for sports performance, ensuring wearability in any type of situation.

Tiffany & Co.

Elegant and class. Tiffany eyewear is inspired by their iconic jewellery collections. Fine detailing is incorporated into both optical and sunglasses designs.

Tom Ford

Our Tom Ford eyewear range offers sophistication and style. Worn and endorsed by fashion icons from around the world.

Stylish glasses frames for men and women

A great pair of glasses isn’t just for helping your vision. Quality frames can also be a fashion statement in their own right. If you’re looking for some of the most stylish glasses frames Sydney has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place.

Sydney’s widest range of quality glasses frames

At Zoom Optics, we’ve got all the different types of frames you can think of — from smart contemporary styles to retro cat eye shapes and innovative screwless designs. We have something for you whether you want glasses that get the whole office talking with their elegant style or require rugged, hard-wearing frames for your active lifestyle. We’ve also got different colours and materials to choose something that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Luxury brands and boutique designer frames

We also boast a wide range of top brands in the eyewear industry, ensuring that the looks and performance of your glasses are both excellent. Brands available include the iconic, globally recognised Ray-Ban, the sophisticated and chic Italian luxury brand Prada, elegant offerings from Tiffany and Co. and even ergonomic, sports-specific designs from Oakley. Or, if you are looking for something a bit more unique, view our handpicked selection from European boutique designers like Lindberg and IC Berlin.

Let us help you choose the perfect glasses frames

When choosing a pair of glasses, it’s important to ensure that the shape is flattering to your face type. Our friendly, experienced optometrists will happily assist you with your decision and ensure that the frames you choose are stylish and comfortable.

Factors to consider when choosing new glasses frames

If you would like to visit Zoom Optics for glasses frames in Sydney, we recommend considering the following factors carefully to ensure you choose frames that suit you in all aspects:

  • Your style — How you dress and present yourself is a significant factor when picking out new glasses frames. You want to focus on frames that complement your staple outfit style and colours rather than clash with them.
  • Your face shape — The contours, width, length and overall shape of your face will dictate to a certain extent what type of glasses frames will look good on you.
  • Round face — Square or rectangular frames with defined edges are recommended to add angles and structure to the soft curves of the face.
  • Oval face — Oval, round or square frames can work well with an oval-shaped face, but it’s essential to choose a frame that is proportionate to the size of the face.
  • Square face — Round or oval frames can help soften the angular lines of a square face, while thin or rimless frames can also work well.
  • Heart face — Frames with wider bottoms and narrower tops can balance a heart-shaped face, with aviator or butterfly shapes often working well.
  • Diamond face — Rimless frames or frames with gentle curves can complement the angular lines of a diamond-shaped face, while cat-eye frames can also work well.
  • Triangle face — Frames that are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, such as aviator or cat-eye frames, can balance the wider jawline of a triangle-shaped face.

However, these rules are flexible and may be overruled by other factors, such as your style and the environments in which you will wear your new glasses, which we will discuss next.

  • Where you will be wearing your glasses — While multicoloured, acetate frames may be a good choice if you work in a modern advertising agency, they might not be the right choice if you spend every day working in a conservative merchant bank. Consider the environments in which you wish to wear your new glasses when choosing new frames.

Shop glasses frames for your face shape today at Zoom Optics

Whatever types of frames you are after, Zoom Optics can deliver — because we make them all at our very own lab. So if you’re looking for glasses frames in Sydney, we invite you to come along to one of our stores now. Alternatively, you are welcome to book an appointment online if you want to visit your nearest store for a personal consultation.